Engine Oils and Lubricants

USE supplies a full line of engine oils, transmission fluids, gear and grease lubricants, hydraulic oils, industrial oils and metalworking fluids. USE distributed motor oils and lubricants are high quality, clean-burning products for your fleet management and maintenance needs. Serving diverse customers, we offer affordable pricing of products by trusted motor oil and lubricant brands to include Chevron, Shell, Mobil and other industry respected brands.  Quality lubricants reduce wear on moving parts within your equipment’s engine, prevent corrosion, and improve the overall operation of equipment. Using quality lubricants extends the life of engines, promotes better functionality and reduce the risk of engine failure. We also offer diesel exhaust fluid to help limit diesel emissions from equipment.

Our supply of products for your motor equipment’s clean and trouble-free operation also includes performance-enhancing additives and antifreeze. We offer industry tested and respected products, including antifreeze, as well as fuel additives. USE offers premier manufactured performance-enhancing additives for ULSD ensuring peak winter operability. We can deliver this product directly to your equipment when we deliver your mobile preventative maintenance services.