Fire Retardant Apparel


    USE customers make their employee’s safety the priority. In the day-to-day world of many of our customers the right PPE for their employees is a matter of life or death. USE supplied PPE performs well over time and offers a measurable business performance improvement with a stronger return on our customer’s equipment investment.

     FR safety regulations can be complex.  October, 2017 the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) called FR guidelines dangerously out of date. USE FR manufacturers are experts with track record and proven understanding of the needs of both safe work environments and worker’s duties. Both new and “experienced” contractors value the return of their investment received in appropriately protecting their employees. USE partners with the best manufacturers of FR in the world to offer a framework for educating your safety managers and your workforce about how to appropriately wear and utilize their FR to improve business performance. Contact USE to host your safety meeting.

    When it comes to protective equipment, literally one size does not fit all. A worker should not have to struggle to complete complex work because they are wearing a hot itchy shirt. USE understands these needs. Lineman love USE FR. Gone are the days of heavy, itchy stagnant material. USE FR apparel is safe, comfortable, fashionable, economical and easy to care for. USE partnerships make it easy for you to be compliant with OSHA regulations and keep your employees protected and comfortable as they perform their day to day duties with reduced risk of injury. 

    USE applies 30+ years’ experience in PPE, construction, telecommunications, oil and utility industries with an evolving deep knowledge base supporting clients’ control costs without sacrificing success. USE is innovative in our supply and delivery of services in a manner that is advanced and produces responsible shared benefits. USE practices are transparent, compliant and resourceful; fostering a culture of increasing capacity and standards to provide measurable value. USE develops, evaluates and implements objectives that produce continued ROI to our stakeholders.


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